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Our Programs


Veterans Care Initiative

The purpose of this program is to connect veterans and their families to a variety of counseling programs. Depending on the participants needs and goals, the participant can receive: (1) financial counseling; (2) family planning and parenting counseling; (3) mental health counseling. Depending on the program, the participants will either receive personal counseling or group counseling by volunteers.


Community Outreach

The purpose of this program is to provide help and services to those affected by poverty through practical direct service programs.  We understand that truly affecting change in the lives of those affected by poverty requires strengthening struggling families and building communities while empowering people to succeed.  For this reason we will offer a plethora of programs for families and adults in the community:

  • Food Program

  • Distribution Programs (Grocery, Clothing, School Supplies, Hygiene Items, etc..

  • Homeless Solutions

  • Workforce Development


Volunteer America Initiative

The purpose of this program is to connect veterans, military and civilians to volunteer and fundraising events throughout the nation.  The Volunteer America Initiative will provide volunteering and fundraising opportunities at various community centers, parks/recreation areas, stadiums, arenas, schools. etc. across the country. 


Grant & Gift Issuance

This program will issue grants and gifts to selected 501(c)(3) designated organizations for the purpose of community development and engagement.  The grant and gift selections will be determined by the Board of Directors after receipt of applications and proper vetting by the Board of Directors. The funding of this activity will be generated via the annual fundraising events hosted by Volunteer Vet set forth in the Volunteer America Initiative, along with any benefiting revenues received by Volunteer Vet and direct donations and gifts received by the organization. (This service is available based on funding availability) 

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